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Product Photography For eCommerce

Vendor : KhuyaMedia
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  • Buy 20 for $9.50 each and save 5%
  • Buy 50 for $9.00 each and save 10%
  • Buy 100 for $8.15 each and save 19%
Product Photography & Design for eCommerce by our photographers are professional. You can use the photos anywhere forever; they are yours as soon as you have paid for them. We give you copies that are ready for uploading to your eCommerce store with no additional editing necessary on your end. They are provided in 700px by 700px with a white background or another color as per your instruction...

Did you know:
  • over 90% online shoppers admit to being influenced to purchase by good images
  • good images instill trust and enhance your brand
  • in-context images are great for showcasing the products in their intended use environment
  • clean solid background image only pics present a better view of your product and are best for your online store

Please note that the cost is per photograph e.g. if you need 20 photos then the cost is 20 x $9.50. These charges assume a standard movable product photo shoot.

Please note that there may be some additional costs depending on factors that include the product weight, product size, movability of the product, set preperation and number of people required for the shoot.

Our photographers and designers are located throughout different parts of Africa meaning you get the benefit of ideas from Africa's rich cultural diversity.

We offer a comprehensive design service, working with you to develop your vision from concept to execution, all with a focus on your needs. We professionally approach each job as a unique challenge, tailoring our design and production processes to suit each individual customer. At KhuyaMedia we focus on maintaining a strong design ethos: that design should be strong, innovative, effective and accessible. We clarify your message, cut away everything which is impeding it, and find a way to deliver it directly to your customers. We don’t overcomplicate things with high-falutin ‘in-your-face’ design; we just take your projects, and make them work.

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Design Style Flat/Minimalist, Photographic
Initial Concepts Included 1 Initial Concept Included
Revisions 1 Revision
Design Service Includes Printable Resolution File
Social Media Kit Included Website
File Format JPG
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