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Join the zonline hustler affiliate program & start making money now.

zonline huster affiliate program

The zonline hustler program (also know as the zonline affiliate program or zonline associate prorgam) is simply an agreement between members (business, entrepreneur or influencer) and zonline that ensures pays a commission to affiliate members for every successful/paid new store signup lead generated on the multi-seller online marketplace.

(1) Sign Up

Inspire the hustler
entrepreneur in you with
the zonline affiliate program

(2) Refer

Email us your lead file of
entrepreneurs & businesses
within your lead zone

(3) Get Paid

Earn up to 25% in
Hustler commissions on
qualifying leads

To register as an affiliate, simply click the register button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Register as a zonline hustler affiliate HERE or apply via email on
    1. Include 3 Industries/sectors you want to focus on in order of preference
    2. Include 3 African countries you will generate leads for in order of preference
  2. Once you receive your affiliate ID and your chosen region is approved, you can begin sending leads
  3. All leads must be sent in an excel file with clearly labeled columns: 
    1. Column A: Busines/Entrepreneur Name
    2. Column B: Valid email address
    3. Column C: Valid whatsapp contact number
    4. Column D: Other valid contact number
    5. Column E: Country business/entrepreneur is based in
  4. Email your lead file to
  5. Our sales team will peach to your leads within 2 weeks of receipt
  6. Get paid for all successful leads on the 7th of every month.

Note: Each registered affiliate will get a unique Affiliate ID. Submitted leads are tied to your account for 7 months only. That means when you submit a lead... you will get paid anytime within the 7 months that the lead signs up. Lead revenue is paid out when your unpaid accumulated lead revenue gets to USD$100.