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School Fitness Training

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School Fitness Training with coach Anesu a.k.a The General from General Fitness is perfect for any school looking to bring in a fitness professional to help train and condition students... Coach Anesu has experience training kindergarten students, primary school, high school students through to college/university students.

Each School or Student Training Program is taylormade for the specific age-group and fitness level of the group... from training little runners, squash teams, volleyball teams, soccer and rugby teams... coach Anesu can get your atheletics team conditioned and ready to compete at a higher level.

Book a time slot now to get school fitness training from coach Anesu, inluding cardio/aerobics, strength training, zumba, weight loss programs, team training and more. If your goal is healthier and better conditioned students then coach Anesu 'The General' is exactly what the doctor ordered...

Book a session now by selecting a date and using the <BOOK NOW> button on this listing or contact coach anesu via this whatsapp link: BOOK VIA WHATSAPP
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