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Flick-It Gate Opener

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Supa Car Sounds
Stand #40667 Tongogara Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe
Vendor : Supa Car Sounds
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Flick-It replaces the remote controls for your gate and garage doors with the flick of your headlights. Flick-iT is a small device that is installed onto your vehicle. This device is picked up by standard gate and garage door receivers and can also transmit the signal over a good distance. Each device can store up to 3 codes, thus eliminating the need to carry a bunch of unnecessary remotes around on your key-chain.

Flick-iT is a Patented microprocessor based remote that is fitted to your car, bike or truck eliminating the need for cumbersome remotes that normally need to be attached, cluutering, to your keys. Flick-iT stores the existing codes from your remote used to open your gates and garages. Upto three codes can be stored on your device meaning you can use your vehicle lights to open up to three gates. Eliminate the need

to carry a bunch of unnecessary remotes around on your key-chain. Flick lights once and open your gate, flick lights twice and open your garage gate.


  • Less distractions and increased awareness of your surroundings when approaching your property
  • Operated with your vehicle’s headlights
  • No more flat remote batteries
  • More reliable than standard remote controls
  • Works effectively up to 40 meters away from your garage
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Eliminates loss or damage to expensive remotes
  • Cost effective
  • Free installation and technical setup support
Condition New
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Batteries Required No
Price Per (UOM) Each (Ea)
Warranty Limited (12 Months)
FREE Shipping/Delivery No
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