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Bosch FR8SPP332 Double Platinum Spark Plug

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Bosch FR8SPP332 Double Platinum Spark Plug:

  • Bosch premium spark plug: manufactured in Europe from one of the leading global automotive suppliers
  • First-class spark plug technology: based on original equipment and engineered to the specific requirements of the engine
  • Plugs easy to replace: factory-pre-set electrode gap, no adjustment necessary; Bosch advices not to lubricate the thread. Requested tightening torque or angle see on package
  • Excellent wear resistance: precious metal alloy at center and ground electrode
  • High Robustness: special ceramic material with high dielectric and mechanical strength; high gas tightness due to hot shrink assembly
  • Corrosion protection: outstanding engine protection due to anti-seize nickel-plated housing and thread
  • High durability: service life according to vehicle manufacturers requirement

Product Specifications

  • Shell
    • Thread Diameter: 14mm
    • Thread Pitch: 1.25mm
    • Seat Type: Tapered
    • Reach: 26.5mm (1")
    • Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm)
    • Terminal Type: Solid
    • Electrode Gap: 1mm
  • Center Electrode
    • Material: Platinum
    • Core Material: NiY+Cu+Pt
    • Type: Fine Wire
    • Size: 0.6mm
    • Projection: Projected
  • Ground Electrode
    • Material: NiY+Cu+Pt
    • Type: Standard
    • Quantity: 1
  • Specifications
    • Resistor: Yes
    • Resistor Value: 6K Ohm
    • Heat Range: 8
    • Torque SpecsCast Iron: 15-29 lb. ft. Aluminum: 8-14 lb. ft.
  • Part Information
    • Brand: Bosch
    • Warranty: Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Longevity: 60km

From the Manufacturer:


  1. Unbox the new spark plug
  2. Do not lubricate the thread. Screw in the spark plug by hand until it is seated at the cylinder head.
  3. Then the spark plug must be tightened and the mandatory, type-specific torque, e.g 23 Nm.

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Country of Manufacture Germany
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